Canon Powershot G11 Peeks

September 15th, 2009

Canon Powershot G11 Spesification

From Canon announcement last month, Canon will release their new Canon Powershot G11 along with S90 and the other 4 new canon camera. Eventhough this G11 form is like a classic pocket camera, it is quite an advanced point and shoot camera.

The features that Canon G11 have can suffice the needs of any camera users who wanted a pocket camera that gives more flexibility than a regular point and shoot camera. The G11 features a 10 Megapixels CCD sensors, and if you’re quite a G-series canon camera fans, you’ll notice that the previous Canon G10 even have a bigger megapixels (14MP). But you shouldn’t worry about the decrease in size of megapixels, since this G11 provides an enhanced in low light shots performance because it handle the noise better.

Canon Powershot G11 was equipped with 5x Optical Zoom lens (28mm-140mm), and what’s best about G11 (and several other G-Series) is more manual option controls, RAW Support and the flexibility of being able to add Speedlight flash unto this Canon G11. The 2.8 inch LCD previews would suffice the needs of your photo playback.

Simply said, the G11 have upgraded its noise reduction abiliy, faster lens and still the most perfect DSLR replacement for camera users who likes the size of a point and shoot digital camera but hoping a better picture qualities. Will be waiting for Canon G11 release date this October :D

What You will Like from Canon SD780 IS – Pros and Cons Review

September 11th, 2009

Just a while ago, I’ve reviewed Canon SD780 IS and list several things I like about this stylish canon camera. After using it a little longer, I guess I kinda fall in love more with my SD780. I’ll tell you why I think of this powershot SD780 as a valuable buys.

Canon SD780 IS pros:

  • Good design, looked strong, especially the black colored one. Of course, there are more attractive colors option for Powershot SD780 IS if you prefer its beauty ;)
  • Good image production, the colors of the shots taken with SD780 have vibrant colors. It’s just perfect to savor your outdoor activities.
  • Effective AI on Smart Auto mode when you don’t feel like setting everything to make a perfect shots using your Canon Powershot SD780 IS.
  • HD video recording capabilities, even though I don’t use it much, but for a HD ready TV owners, it is preferable to have a camera that supports HD recording :)

Canon Powershot SD780 cons:

  • Bad noise reduction capability. Its hard to get rid of the noises in SD780, even when you lowered the ISO levels.

Well, that’s all I have to share and review for this Canon Powershot SD780 IS now. I’ll keep you informed if there is more information I have on SD780. So stay tune in this canon digital camera review blog. Thanks

Canon Powershot New Cameras 2009′s Fall

September 11th, 2009

Last month, Canon have announced their new lines Powershot Camera for 2009′s fall. These new canon cameras was intended to engage almost all of camera users, from the fashionable Canon SD series lovers to the serious compact camera user and those in need for a long zoom pocket camera.

The six new Canon powershot announced in August were Canon Powershot SD980 and SD940 for the stylish canon camera market, Powershot SX20 and SX120 for the one who loves to do some telephoto with their Canon compact camera, Canon G11 and S90 for the one who wanted a maximum performance from their pocket camera. Read the rest of this entry »

Fujifim W1 3D Camera Hands On Review

September 6th, 2009

We’ve been hearing about Fujifilm Finepix W1 3D camera last month, and now this 3D camera from Fujifilm is ready to be reviewed.

Many of camera enthusiast were thrilled to get a hold of this Fujifilm 3D camera and hoped to be able to view their 3d photo shots. But I guess it’s not that simple though, because right now you can view your shots taken by Fujifilm W1 in 3D only from their LCD preview or Fuji’s special 3d digital photo frame. Read the rest of this entry »

Kodak EasyShare Z915 with 10 Megapixel Long Zoom Compact Camera

September 6th, 2009

Kodak EasyShare Z915 made his way to the camera world this year on March with a surprising feat for a compact camera, because this Kodak Z915 brings you a 10x Optical Zoom ability that was rarely found on a pocket camera. But that’s not the only thing that made Z915 special, this Kodak 10 megapixels long zoom camera priced only $200 while it have many wonderful features any everyday camera user would find. Let’s list this Kodak Z915 hot features here :)

Kodak Z915 review

What you’ll notice easily when using this Z915 is that it has a fast shutter response, you don’t have to wait long to shoot when you just turned this Kodak Z915 on. The aperture settings in Kodak Z915 lets you choose between F3.5, F6.2 and F8.3 so that you can controls the object-background focuses and haziness. In the shutter speeds department, Easyshare Z915 can be as fast as 0,001 seconds or as slow as 16 seconds. Read the rest of this entry »